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CIMB Personal Loan

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The CIMB group is the largest Asia Pacific based investment bank and one of the world’s largest Islamic banks which operates in all the high growth economies in ASEAN.

If there’s one thing the CIMB personal loans stand out from the rest of the banks for, it’s definitely the speed by which the disbursement of the actual cash is made. No other banks can beat the speed limit on that so far. So if you need cash fast, CIMB is your red race car which will get you to the finish line as fast as possible. Most of us have found ourselves in situations or occasions where getting the money on time can be vital to our lives. CIMB seems to understand this very well, and works progressively and efficiently to make speed a point in their delivery and performance.

CIMB offers a few different types of personal loans to meet the unique needs of their different clients. CIMB offers personal loans ranging from Sharia compliant loans to public sector loans and secured loans.

The CIMB Xpress Cash Financing-iis a hassle free personal loan that can make your dreams come true with lightning speed. No to collaterals and a guarantor is not required if the loan amount is below RM5000.

The CIMB Xpress Cash Financing-i offers a minimum loan amount of RM3000 and a maximum amount of RM50,000 depending on your gross income. Take note that the loan amount is subjected to a maximum of 5 times your gross income. The financing tenure is set at a minimum of 6 months and a maximum of 5 years.

The CIMB Xpress Cash Financing-i is open to micro-entrepreneurs, factory workers, clericals, and the requirements for eligibility of the personal loan are quite standard with the exception of the relatively low minimum monthly income condition of only RM800 (most banks require you to earn more income).  So, if you are a Malaysian citizen or permanent resident aged between 21-60 years old (most other banks start at 18 years of age) employed or in business for at least 6 months with a minimum monthly income of RM800 gross, then you shouldn’t have a problem getting your money fast and easy with the CIMB  Xpress Cash Financing-i. Take note that only single applicants are allowed.


The CIMB Cash Plus Personal Loan is an unsecured loan where no collateral and guarantor is needed. This personal loan requires one to be a Malaysian citizen or permanent resident aged between 21-60 years old. The main difference between the CIMB Cash Plus Personal Loan and the Xpress Cash Financing-i is the minimum monthly income requirement, which is higher for this loan – RM2000. The minimum loan amount you can apply for is RM2000 and maximum is RM100,000 depending on your gross income. Take note that the loan amount is subjected to a maximum of 8 times your gross income or whichever is lower.Repayment of the loan is expected between one to five years. The interest rate for this loan ranges between 6.88% per annum to 13.38% per annum depending on the loaned amount. Last but not least, there is a 0.5% stamp duty and insurance which is required for taking up this personal loan.

The CIMB personal loan for the public sector finances a loan amount that ranges from RM2000 to RM200,000. The requirements for eligibility of this loan are the same as for the other CIMB personal loans except for the condition that you have to be employed by the public sector or be a staff in one of the Government-Linked Companies. The interest rate ranges from 5.55% per annum to 5.25% per annum (flat rate) depending on your income. To enjoy the 5.25% p.a, you will need to have a salary of RM 3,000 and above. If you are earning RM3000 and less, you will get 5.55% p.a. The main difference of this personal loan compared to the other personal loans offered by CIMB is the lenient financing tenure of one to ten years, and no collateral or guarantor is needed. Take note that this personal loan includes Takaful coverage.

You will need the following documents for your CIMBpersonal loan applications:

  • Identity card (both sides)
  • Latest 3 months’ salary slip
  • EA form/EPF statement/letter from employer
  • Business registration certificate
  • Last 3 months bank statement or income tax (BE) form/ other supporting documents


To sum it all up, every personal loan offered by CIMB has its unique properties which can be matched with certain individuals based on their current needs. The application process is straight-forward and efficient, and the CIMB red race car is already waiting